About Us

We are Pickspace - The Global Coworking Space Directory.

Our company began with two entrepreneurs who believed that people should do what they love to do and in a place that inspires them. Along the way we have discovered the amazing world of coworking spaces, a communal place for freelancers, startups, and other entrepreneurs to work collaboratively.

Pickspace has realized that the coworking environment makes you happier and more productive. Research shows that working is more enjoyable in an active and inspiring environment. Therefore, coworking is the future!

Since Pickspace believes in the ideals of coworking, we decided to take action and lead the revolution.

Pickspace gathers the best coworking space and office space from around the world into one place and helps people find the best workspace for them.

The Pickspace marketplace provides a platform that helps entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and companies find the workspace that best fits their needs - by hour, day, month, year or longer.

How Do We Do It?

  • We gather all coworking space and office space into one place.
  • Pickspace presents a sophisticated recommendation engine based on user preference, which enables users to discover the perfect space that matches their exact needs.
  • We learn which office you want and we personalize your search results.
  • Pickspace has also taken a closer look into coworking space needs in order to find out what kind of coworkers will be the best match for the office space.

See you soon with more innovations, sophisticated features and new locations!

Our Team Members

Maor Cohen | Pickspace Co-Founder & CEO

Maor Cohen Adv.Co-Founder & CEO

Maor is entrepreneur at heart. In 2013 already as a student in the College of Management of Israel he founded the International Entrepreneurship Students Community (IESC) program where he was active as CEO for 2 years. During his tenure he raised money annually for the program to allow hundreds of students to participate in workshops with their peers at leading US universities like MIT, NYC & Columbia University and with European institutes like Humboldt University. In addition he helped IESC collaborating with acclaimed accelerators like Axel Springer accelerator and Microsoft Accelerator together with leading humanitarian delegations to Nepal and to the Philippines, in order to secure a better future for poor children. He was awarded the Excellence Scholarship 3 consecutive years.

After completing his law degree he continued to Masters degree, L.L.M while practicing as a law intern at Hamburger Evron & co, one of the top law firms in Israel.

In 2016 after being fascinated from the rising of co-working spaces he co-founded Pickspace to help build and grow communities.

Barak Ariel | Lead Architect at Pickspace

Barak Ariel Lead Architect

Barak is enthusiastic about every aspect of technology, and is the “go to” guy for any challenging technological endeavours.

Barak was a lead developer, commander and instructor in an elite technological unit for 4.5 years, he focused on the field of real-time big data processing. As a lead developer, Barak was a part of the team in charge of the system architecture, testing new technologies, defining standards and finding solutions.

Barak enjoys LAN parties, hanging out with friends, playing video games, soccer and volleyball and jamming on his one of a kind guitar.

David Ronen | Program Manager at Pickspace

David Ronen Program Manager

David is a former lone soldier who served in the paratrooper brigade. He has a passion for the Israeli start up nation and experience in American business. He is currently a student at IDC in Herzliya studying business administration and economics with a determination to make an impact in the future of Israeli business development.

Itamar Ben Shushan | Graphic Designer at Pickspace

Itamar Ben Shushan Graphic Designer

Itamar is a 25 year old student in the department of industrial design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Itamar is a young designer, who lives in Jerusalem. From an early age he was involved in design and visual communication. As a teenager, he attended the high school of the arts in his hometown Modiin, specializing in art and design, which he successfully graduated.

In military service in the IDF, Itamar instructed paramedics and developed training programs and trained the Army Medical Corps, while adapting the technological-educational needs-that have developed in recent years. Itamar took part in a team building a program for making available the material learned in medical courses in the IDF, by creating a Visual Learning-computerized courses, while oversee the training instructors and commanders in the training base.

Itamar studied design for one year at the Tel Aviv Institute "Studio 6 B". From there he continued his studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. His work is highly evaluated and displayed in numerous exhibitions. As a first year student, his final project was presented at an exhibition of 4th year graduates of that same year.

Ben Goor Levy | Digital Marketing Manager

Ben Goor Levy Digital Marketing Manager

Ben Goor Levy is an online marketing expert with more than 14 years of experience with over 100 different business, some B2C and some B2B.

Ben Goor had worked with some of the biggest companies in Israel and abroad and established 4 PPC divisions in the agencies he worked for.

On top of that, he is affiliate marketing lecturer in leading online marketing colleges in Israel and enthusiastic social entrepreneur.

When ben Goor is not working you can find him learning about science and future technology or with his kids, surfing, skateboarding and doing some other Extreme activities.

Roni Aviv | Business Development Manager

Roni AvivBusiness Development Manager

Roni is a creative and entrepreneurial individual, who is highly familiar with the Israeli startup community. After graduating Business Administration and Marketing school with honors, Roni has developed business relationships with global companies in the fields of FinTech, Advertisement, and E-commerce.

At age 16, Roni was already CEO of a startup company as part of Unistream NGO project. Now, as part of the alumni group, Roni is constantly contributing to entrepreneurship development amongst young people in both central and peripheral areas of Israel.

Roni is extraordinarily ambitious, accustomed to setting up goals and reaching them while maximizing cost-effectiveness and maintaining relationships at the same time.

In his personal life, Roni enjoys high-end restaurants. He is also an urban photographer, expressing his talent in a blog dedicated to his journeys around the world.

Chen Cohen Friedman | Full Stack Developer at Pickspace

Chen Cohen Friedman Full Stack Developer

Chen is a full stack developer at Pickspace.

She took part in She Codes community as a student and volunteer.

Chen is a CPA with a B.A in Business and Accounting. She has worked at top accounting firms providing account management and assurance services to publicly traded and privately-held hi-tech companies.

In her spare time enjoys swimming, long hiking and her next challenge is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Matan Ben Shushan | Full Stack Developer at Pickspace

Matan Ben Shushan Full Stack Developer

Matan is a full stack developer at Pickspace.

He's a tech-savvy and enjoys deep diving into cutting edge technologies.

In his free time, Matan enjoys rocking the guitar, watching NBA games, and playing with unicorns.

Alex Mendelevych | Developer at Pickspace

Alex Mendelevych Full Stack Developer

Alex is a full stack developer.

He has a a B.Sc. in computer science from HiT since 2017.

Alex's favorite hobby is writing code without bugs, but likes to play basketball and read books as well.